Startup Factory

The idea for the Startup Factory came in parallel with the launch of Haiku Dev. Even at the very beginning of the journey, it became clear that the bespoke model, as opposed to the product model, limits business potential. Thus an elite team was formed to implement projects of any complexity from our pool of ideas.

Since April 2021, we have launched four internal projects in the education, influencer marketing, and startup software markets. Our backlog is updated daily with ideas from friends and collaborators. The goal is to release a hundred projects in 3 years, and we will do it.

In order to do that, we have developed a pipeline of estimation, product, development, and marketing assembled the two strongest teams, and prepared a modular infrastructure. A bonus for friends, partners, and employees is to co-found your own project. Propose an idea, describe a concept, pass the internal selection process, and you'll hear, "Yay, your idea is Genius, let's go!"