Production Centre

The Producer Centre is a project born from an internal need to deepen the market of the Influencer Economy. Studying the bloggers' market and software, we realized that it's not enough just advertising or special software to get to the top. It would be best if you had a fantastic team to help incredible Influencers reach their goals even faster.

We now have a dozen Influencers under our wings which are the first testers of our developments. Together, every day, we test dozens of hypotheses, look for contacts of interaction with the audience through content and creatives, grow metrics. Our goal is to help people do what they love and, at the same time, monetize content in the right way.

Our plans are to work out a methodology to develop Influencers and show by example that hard work and a competent approach with useful analytics and software make it much easier to achieve goals.

The Production Centre also supports and develops the brands of the company's employees.